Family of Dances Past

In the dance world, we unfortunately have to see friends that we dance with and teachers that guide us come and go. We all travel pursuing new opportunities and to continue to grow. All of the friends we danced with in college, our amazing professors and teachers that helped us discover who we are as dancers, and the many others we meet on our journeys all have an impact on us.

One of our beloved guest artists, Lauren Beirne, left Indianapolis this past fall to pursue her masters at NYU. While we are all of course happy for her, we also selfishly miss dancing with her, taking her classes, and getting to perform her choreography. Fortunately, for both our upcoming concert Paired Down, as well as our performance at the Indiana Dance Festival in Fort Wayne (April 1-3) we will be performing the piece she choreographed for Pairings last June.

Being in rehearsal, dancing the movement she created, it is as though Lauren is right there with us. I always miss the good friends that have gone to different places to pursue their dance careers and teachers that I have left at the different places I have been. However, I feel like every time I dance or teach that they are with me. When I teach a student something that a past teacher helped me understand, it is as though they are right there with me.

All of the beautiful dancers I have had the honor of dancing with in my life so far all influenced me and have shaped the dancer I am today.

It may sound cheesy, but to me, a piece of you is with any student you taught or anyone you ever danced with. This all connects us in one big happy dance family; a family I love and that means the world to me!  



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