Back to Basics-Beginning Modern

      We have recently started offering a Beginning Modern Technique class, which I have the honor of teaching. As a dance educator, whether I am teaching technique or history, I take this role very seriously. I have the deepest respect for dance. It has done so much for me by giving me a creative outlet that I cannot find in any other way and it gives me a feeling words cannot explain (perhaps I should perform an interpretive dance to explain it to you). Whether I am teaching an advanced or beginning class, whether I am teaching someone who lives for dance as I do or someone who is dancing for fun or fitness, I know there are benefits of dance for everyone and I always want to do my best to share that.
      The Beginning Modern class has been meeting for about a month now. We have a lot of diversity in the class with varying ages and levels of experience with dance. Some students have been able to come to every Sunday or Monday class, and others have come to a few. However, I have loved every class and I am very impressed with how much each student has learned in each class.
      I am excited to continue dancing with the students that have been attending class, but we are always welcoming new students as well. The class is set up so that those who can make it regularly are challenged, but new students and students who’s schedules only allow to come every once in a while don’t feel like they’re behind and won’t get anything out of the class.
      I love dancing and the art of understanding and mastering the body with technique. If you haven’t danced in a while or if you’ve barely danced at all but would like to give it a try, come join us! You’ll have fun, gain strength and body awareness, and learn something new. While I cannot say I don’t teach any modern dance clichés, I can guarantee I will never ask you to “be a tree”.



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