The performance is tomorrow! I was so, almost, stunned at our tech rehearsal this past Sunday the 14th. Watching the dancers moving on the stage in costume and directing and discussing light cues, I couldn’t believe it was really true; that I am a choreographer for Cultivate and have the opportunity to present my work to Indianapolis. I’m sure on some scales this process might seem small, but for me it has been a great accomplishment, setting this dance and working in this wonderful and challenging environment. I got a little giddy, and also a little intimidated, but I tried to move forward with all emotions in check.

Since my last blog, long ago, we have made changes and incorporated a new concept for lighting in the piece. I brought a few rehearsals down to the wire. The underlying intention for the piece is a letter of hope to those in seemingly dark places, and titled, “Shadows are an Evidence of Light.”

I can’t help but be nervous, but I know that the dancing and the sharing will be brilliant. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Cultivate…and a special thank you to Motus people, the dancers, and Patti and Richard Willey for their support both-emotional and technical.




One response to “Showtime!

  1. Thank you Joanna. I am bursting with pride at the show and the knowledge that no matter what happens tonight, tomorrow or the next, that this has been a great success because an artist has been able to share her art. This has been my dream for so long and I hadn’t realized until you wrote, that I too have fulfilled one. Here’s to dreams!

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