Reflecting Back

Looking back to the first informal showing that we had a month ago, I am so proud of how far my dancers have come. We had two rehearsals prior to that first studio showing and because I didn’t have a full cast for either, the dancers only learned 4 separate movement phrases. Given the short amount of time that they learned those phrases, I felt they did a great job at that first showing. Since that day, the piece has really come together. We had a marathon rehearsal following the showing and I was able to set the entire dance with the full cast. My situation has been unique in that I am not there to rehearse with the cast. Because I am from out of state, I was only at the first weekend of rehearsals where I taught the entire dance to my dancers. Since then, I have had a rehearsal director in charge of rehearsing with my cast and cleaning the choreography. She has been such a huge help and I owe her a big thanks! My cast has had only a few rehearsals throughout this past month, which I have been able to follow their progress through video that my RD has taken. I will be back in town for rehearsals this weekend and I can’t wait to see how the dance looks in person!



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