Sneak Peak

In my first blog entry, I gave some insight into how this piece evolved. Well, before I even knew about Cultivate or thought I would ever have a chance to do anything with the ideas I had in my head, I had an opportunity to work with an amazing photographer. Her name is April Martin.

April and I discussed the dance concepts I had before the photo shoot. The shoot itself was so much fun. April gave me a lot of freedom to try different things. And I am so happy with the results! April did a wonderful job of really capturing what, until that time, had only been in my head.

So, once I found out about Breaking Ground and then Cultivate, it seemed like the next logical step. I have used some of April’s pictures as inspiration for my piece throughout the process. It’s been interesting and fun to take these pictures and blend them with music and movement. I’ve included a photo to give you a glimpse into what I’ve been working on.

The performances are just over two weeks away. I hope to see you there!



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