Yay! I am finally posting about Cultivate! I am so excited about this process and can’t believe the show is less than a month away. This process has been thrilling and challenging, especially since I decided to pursue a style with which I do not usually attempt to tackle, and because I have not actively pursued dance or choreography in almost 10 years! I have found Cultivate to be my avenue to pursue a more jazzy and theatrical style, which is so different from what I would normally choreograph. As a kid, I always loved jazz dance; there was this jazz dance company in the town where I grew up that always had the most energetic and interesting shows, and I can remember always being on the edge of my seat, bouncing up and down with excitement, imagining myself on the stage dancing to such fun music. I guess I never really had the opportunity to explore that interest since I went on to pursue ballet, but now with Cultivate I do! In any case, this post will be somewhat brief, but I do want to thank my dancers for all of their hard work! You guys rock and I can’t wait to see it all come together!!



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