Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective, formerly Motus Dance

What’s in a name?

I’ve been thinking about what to entitle my piece for a while. I have several ideas but haven’t decided on one yet. It is really hard to name something, don’t you think? A name can help to define something, though not entirely. When considering different titles, I try to think about not only what the word or phrase means to me, but also the potential definitions and connotations it might have for the various audience members. 

My intention with the piece is to have a theme, a mood, but for it to also be somewhat abstract. I want people to come away with their own interpretation of what they see. Therefore, I don’t want to set the audience’s expectations through either the name or program notes, or the movement for that matter.

So where does that leave me? Still without a title. I have honed in on a few that I like but as the piece evolves, so do the titles that seem to best fit. I think what I need to do is consider the potential titles in rehearsal with the dancers doing the movement. Try out each name on the piece, so to speak. Only time will tell…

Until next time,