Pressed for Time

I find myself unexpectedly a little pressed for time during the rehearsal process. I think perhaps we all feel this way. We start out with fifteen hours of time spread over nine weeks, which seems like an eternity, and then suddenly we’re half way through and the show seems to be speedily approaching like a freight train we cannot deter. Choreography which started out rather ethereal in my head is tangible. It’s a fascinating process.

We recently had our first showing where other dancers/choreographers could comment and give feedback. I think that this particular part of the process is one of the most important. It allowed me the ability to step back from my piece and view it through other, less invested, peoples’ eyes. One of the biggest problems I think choreographers face in the beginning stages of creating a piece (myself included), is the inability to step out of our minds and view what is actually happening in the space. It’s rather like using our imagination to read a book; we get stuck in what we think is happening and don’t allow ourselves to view what is really going on.

As always choreography is a process. One which no one, not even myself, can predict the outcome of, until it is done. But that is the beauty of living art. Each person involved in the process adds to and changes the outcome of the piece like no other art form. So I want to thank my dancers, fellow choreographers, family and friends for touching my life and thus my work.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
(May All Beings Have Happiness)

McKenzie Maree Baird


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