In it

We had an in-studio showing and I’ve had one rehearsal since the showing. I received some great feedback at the showing and it has helped me to refine my piece. I know what I want to communicate through my piece but it is hard to step back and look at it with an unbiased eye. It’s that way with most things one is involved with, it seems. 

The dancers have been wonderful throughout the process and have been very willing to work with me as my piece morphs and evolves. They’ve done a great job of taking the ideas and thoughts that I’ve had and giving them a life of their own.

Until next time…



One response to “In it

  1. Katy, it’s really been wonderful to watch your piece evolve!

    Those of us involved in the Breaking Ground workshop over the summer have had a unique opportunity to observe the progress of two pieces (Katy’s and Stefanie’s) from the creation and manipulation of the first movement phrases.

    – Amie

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