And we’re dancing..!

Hey guys! Thanks for following the blogs about Cultivate so far. I have had a few rehearsals since the last blog I posted, and we had our sharing on the 10th of October.

The process has transformed, and I have had some rehearsals that felt they were overflowing with goodness and then another where I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. However, the precious, beautiful diamond in the rough was revealed a few weeks ago towards the end of a long rehearsal. There was a meeting for the Motus Core dancers in the office of the studio, as well as another rehearsal after ours, so dancers were filtering in and it began to feel like an informal audience was emerging.

With these new people in the room, I watched the dancers performance quality totally change. We had spent so much time focusing on the details and steps, and as the dancers began the final run through, I saw this other layer emerge. It was so exciting. They were joyful and committed and really performing. I just sat back and thought, “whoah. As long as they dance like this, it doesn’t matter what the choreography looks like!” Haha.” Then I found this quote in Dance magazine that sums it up….

“I am looking for that person inside the dancer. I want to see the human being who’s in control of all those elements.”

Garth Fagan

All those steps and ideas are only half the dance, and half the performance, and only a true dancer can bring real life to choreography.

Thanks to the dancers and audience who bring movement to life!



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