I experienced what I guess I would call a road block for the first time during my group rehearsal last Sunday. I thought I knew what I wanted before rehearsal, but once rehearsal started, I questioned my decision, which took up time, which meant I ended up not getting as far along as I intended to by the time the 90 minute rehearsal was over. For whatever reason, I was having the hardest time spitting out the choreography toward the end of the rehearsal. I think everything will come together soon though, because my next two group rehearsals are both 2 hours long. All of my dancers are doing such a wonderful job picking up what I give them, and they have had so much to absorb over the past couple of weeks.

I feel like getting the timing of the movement is the biggest challenge for the dancers currently. The piece of music that I selected is a 6/8, and can be a little trance-like and difficult to count. Eventually, the dancers will feel the music, but for now – counting it is still necessary. At least it would be for me, if I were dancing and learning, instead of teaching. There is ambient noise in the background: cars, trucks, motorcycles, engines, horns, brakes. Common, everyday city sounds. Sounds that may be representative of the daily grind. Stimulation similar to what most of us experience as we move through everyday life, perhaps during a commute to and from a mundane job. I incorporated walking patterns into sections of my piece, and the tempo of the music is perfect for speed walking.

Adam Crawley ( composed the music. Adam is an accompanist for the modern dance classes at Ball State University, and I met him during my first semester of college 11 yrs ago. He grew incredibly as an accompanist just during my 5 years in school, and continues to create innovative and unique sounds. It just so happened that track 6 on his newest album worked perfectly for what I wanted to do. Not that he had the same vision for the track as I do for my choreography – in fact, I’m sure it was different, but that’s part of the beauty of art. No two people interpret anything in exactly the same way. I believe that art becomes more poignant for people if they are allowed to experience it for themselves and attach personal meaning to it.



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