choreographers showing

Yesterday we had our first choreographers showing for Cultivate. It was great to see all of the choreographers work and progress that they have made with the few rehearsals that we all have had. We also got some great feedback from Motus’s Executive and Artistic director, Heidi Keller-Phillips. From what I saw yesterday it going to be a great show. Make sure you get your tickets!

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One response to “choreographers showing

  1. I got to see all of the pieces for the first time on Sunday and I am genuinely excited about the process and the pieces that will be part of the show. I am so grateful for the growth of art and dance in this area. 11 years ago I held auditions that nobody showed up for and now look at us… a showcase for 8 choreographers with 20 participating dancers! I can’t stop smiling about it.

    Thanks to all the choreographers and dancers for their commitment and dedication to the process!

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