two rehearsals down, several more to go!

Blogging about my choreography process is turning into a more difficult task than my actual creative process for Motus’s Cultivate! I certainly do not consider myself a writer of any kind but here goes a try…..

Motus is filled with a great group of dancers and choreographers that give support to one another and other artists and I am so very excited that I was chosen to be a part of Cultivate! I have a fantastic cast and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women. I haven’t been in this creative process in awhile, where I needed to produce a concert piece, and I was nervous at first. I wasn’t sure that my ideas and movement would come across the way I wanted, but after having two rehearsals and a weekend off I am feeling much more at ease. I’m sure that this feeling of ease will soon go away and the nerves will set in again the closer we get to the weekend of November 19th. For now though I am enjoying and celebrating the process!

Get your tickets! Its going to be a great show! More blogging to come ….{I’m thinking pictures might help with this blogging stuff?}
-Stefanie Squint


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