The Beginning

So, Motus Dance Theater is providing this wonderful opportunity, Cultivate, which has in turn become my first choreographic endeavor since leaving the safety of the academic institution known as college. However, this experience so far, from the auditions to the first two rehearsals, feels somewhat fitting and what I have been prepared for, even though everything else in life (post-grad) feels the opposite.

I began with the intention of choreographing a duet for a man and woman, but when no men showed up for our audition, I had to change my approach. I am still creating a duet, but now with two women. The gesture and subtle nuances that were parading images in my head will have to be slightly reworked, but will also carry, naturally, a different and equally evocative meaning. That is the beauty and the beast of working as a choreographer; needing to improvise with what you have been given, and in turn discovering the beauty of what you may have overlooked.

Here’s to big adventures,

Joanna Paul


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