Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective, formerly Motus Dance



Entered by Core Artist, Sara Yanney-Chantanasombut

This is my first time blogging, so I hope it goes well!  Our next performance is our annual fundraiser, Pairings on Friday, June 18th.

We are in the process of choreographing and setting the dances for Pairings and had great rehearsals today.  The choreographers,  Kate Lamont the song writer/singer we are collaborating with, and James Chantanasombut the chef who will be preparing the amazing food, started with a tasting of the 6 different wines we will be pairing the dances, music, and food with. 

The fundraiser will be at Young and Laramore.  If you have not seen their space before, there is an interesting sculpture that we will be climbing and dancing on for a few of the dances (we will be using the floor as well, of course).  Heidi Keller-Phillips, our Creative and Executive Director, is coming up with some exciting and dynamic movement and shapes on this piece of art.  You can see here some pictures of Heidi and core artist Michelle Buchanan playing on the sculpture to generate movement ideas.

Having now seen at least the beginnings of all of the pieces of choreography for Pairings, I am very excited for everyone to see what we are creating.  There is a lot of diverse, beautiful, and interesting movement.  Each piece of dance and music has it’s own distinct flavor, just like the different wines they are being paired with.